Module 3

Module 3 is the final course of the CIC canyon guide training. Whereas only one canyoning tour is done during module 1+2, module 3 takes place entirely in canyons.

The first five days of the course are usually spent in Southern France. Then it’s off to Switzerland for another five days of canyoning. This is a “mobile” course, meaning there is no base camp from which all tours start. This gives all participants a lot more freedom to choose accomodation and itinerary.

During module 3 all tours must be planned and guided by the participants (planing, documentation, briefing, guiding). Every participant must be able to provide all the information about the planned tour (even though the preparation usually involves group work)

The canyons offer the best opportunities to apply the knowledge gathered in module 1+2. Advanced techniques, especially for rescue, are also taught. The ability to anticipate belongs to the many skills that instructors will expect and assess.

Highlights of the course are the classic canyons of the French Southern Alps, and the  Helicanyoning in Tessin.

A theory exam concludes module 3. Participants who have successfully finished module 3 and passed the theory exam are allowed to register for the guide exam after having concluded 10 more trips during the practical training.