Module 1+2

The CIC canyon guide training is composed of many parts. But as the old saying goes: the longest walk starts with the first step. And this step means here module 1+2.

This video was shot in 2010. Three students share their experience and impressions of module 1+2.

Module 1

This is the basis of the canyon guide training. It is made of two distinct parts and thus takes place in two different locations that provide the best training opportunities. The first three days are spent in Augsburg, Germany, and focus on whitewater  - theory and practice - as well as assessing the level of participants with regards to course requirements.
Then the course moves on to Schnepfegg, Austria, for the next four days, during which rope techniques and theory are taught.

Module 1+2 canyon guide assistant, CanyonführerassistentWhite water training - The necessary whitewater skils are taught during this 3-day-course. In contrast to the remaining courses of the CIC training, the whitewater training take participants from theory to practice, and from basic to advanced level, in a very short time, which represents a physical and psychological challenge. Module 1 takes place in an artificial canal built for kayaking, thus providing a perfect training ground to practise at a high level technical level, while also ensuring a high level of safety.

The whiter water part is followed by a rope technique course enhanced with a comprehensive theoretical content.

Module 2

Canyon guide training - Canyonführerausbildung focusses on rescue (self and others) as well as increasing and developing knowledge of rope techniques. The theory units are held at the beginning of module 2.

Module 1+2 have a total of 174 hours of training, with a somewhat reduced theory part in Module 2. A final test, with about 80 theory questions and a practical course with several stations, conclude Module 2.