Update training B 2010

Published the: 28.07.2010 // Author: Stefan Hofmann (Stefan Google+)

Find all important information for this update training in this article.

The first update training 2010 happens Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th of September 2010 in Tessin. It is based on a new content cycle with the following major point:
  • Canyontrip (or Ponte Brolle parcour in case of unstable weather conditions)
  • Group management in long vertical canyons
  • Use of specific technics in real situations
  • Accident analysis
  • New equipment
You need full canyoning equipment for this update training (please check the material list of module 1+2).

Meeting point is the campground "Riarena" in Cugnasco (Link to the website of the campground with route description etc.). The responsible instructor will welcome you on day 1 of the choosen day combination at 09:00 AM. The update training will finish on day 2 around 16:00 PM.


Day 1 (Saturday)
  • 08:00 Arrival, Check-in, preperation of equipment
  • Stable weather conditions: 08:30 Departure for canyoning trip (20 min.)
  • Unstable weather conditions: 08:30 Drive to Ponte Brolla.
    • 6 technical tasks:
      •  50m shunting
      • Cutting from the top
      • Hauling systems (counter weight and simple hauling system)
      • Releasable eight
      • Installation of a tyrollienne
      • Abseiling and passing a knot
    •  Time limit: 20 minutes
    • Equipment: everything but neopren
    • Participation is an obligation
    • There is something to win
  • 19:00 Diner
Day 2 (Sunday)

  • 09:00 Meeting on campground
  • 09:15 Program starts:
    • Debriefing of canyoning trip
    • Satellite emergency call system
    • Equipment
  • 11:15 Accidents
  • 13:00 Excerpt of written exam (M2)
  • 14:30 Distribution of validity stickers and possibility to buy the CIC badge
  • 15:00 End of training
The fee for the update training has to be payed in advance (you receive a bill in pdf-format). Board and lodging are not included in that price and has to be payed at the spot.

Even if you organise board and lodging by yourself it would be nice to have the diner with all at the end of the first day.

We can only accept members who registred by the pdf-form. The number of participants is limited. The validity sticker is only given to participants who presents a higher performance. The ones who are too far away of that have to visit a special exam to proof their performance again.

Instructors:  Robert Moosmann, Mark da Costa

Guiding condition (have to be accepted in the form):

By participating in this CIC course, the following rules are mandatory :

  • Follow an update training every two years after module 2
  • Support the association, especially by providing important information concerning canyoning (accident reports, canyon closures, news articles, etc.) to your national representative
  • Respect the guide/client ratio of 1 guide for 7 clients, 2 guides for 7 clients in difficult canyons
  • Limit yourself to a maximum of 15 persons within one group
  • Guide and clients have to wear helmets at all times while in a canyon
  • Always carry the minimum recommended first aid kit with you
  • Use two lanyards at your harness (i.e. the Spelegyca from Petzl)
  • Carry a rescue rope
  • Use of the SAFER and follow the recommandations given during the courses.

If you do not respect these rules you risk loosing your CIC certification.

Confirmed participants 2010

Tobias Koneberg (DE)
Michael Trefs (DE)
Gerhard Westerberger (DE)
Urban Herzog (SI)
Claudia Heil (DE)
Olivier Jacobs (BE)
Christian Ballestraz (CH)
Alenka Kobal (SI)
Jean-Pierre Olivier (FR)
Sebastian Gruber (DE)
Sebastiaan Alberts (NL)
Claudia Horn (DE)
Gérard Garcia (FR)
Franz Schider (AT)
Alex Monn (DE)
Roland Schimpke (AT)
Eric Blanc (FR)
Stefan Splitgerber (DE)
Peter Tümmers (DE)
Norbert Lorenz (AT)