Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Published the: 21.12.2014 // Author: Jürgen Pilger ()

Best wishes from the president of the CIC.

To a great 2015.
Dear CIC colleagues, before my election I had promised you to keep you informed about goals and actions which are close to my heart. With this letter I’d like to keep that promise and inform you about the first steps. I also would like to summarise the activities of the board of directors.
There is a lot of information which I have to consume, process and classify. And I am thankful to Thomas Waibel and Michael Jordan who support me in this effort. Currently the board of directors is classifying and prioritising all the input, so that we have a base on which to make further decisions regarding possible changes. These changes will be a team effort in which - I hope - all of you will participate. As said, currently we are still sorting out all the information and we will release more information on the progress to all of you in due time.  This will create transparency regarding the tasks at hand, which we will then have to decide on with all our members. The next annual meeting will be the platform to do that.
For me personally it is of utmost importance to improve the financial situation of the CIC and to keep the quality of the training at a very high level. To breathe new life into the „I“ in our name - which stands for internationality - I would like to foster the contacts and training with Japan. Aside of Japan there are no other visible activities outside Europe e.g. in Brasil. An extension of the CIC into the Philippines is something I would want us to think about within the board of directors, but it surely will not be a priority for 2015.
I am confident that we need to put priority into growing the CIC in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, followed by Slovenia, Spain and France. Recognition is a very important factor, especially in Austria and Switzerland. But it is also a very difficult topic to be put into action as we know from the past. One way to go forward with this, is to re-activate the role of the national representatives and by that decentralising certain topics. We also need to discuss decentralisation of training and skill enhancement, which is not an easy task because of the limited number of instructors we have. The focus for all change must be that it has to create value for our members and not for the board of directors. We have already received many suggestions which we now have to discuss and evaluate. I personally favour strengthening the board of directors by inviting an instructor into the board of directors.
These are all my personal thoughts which need to be discussed intensively with the board of directors, the instructors and all our members. But, we also need to take action in 2015 and must not get carried away in endless discussions!
I am a friend of keeping things simple without compromising quality. In fact quality must always come before quantity. For this we need to set clear goals and embrace the change which is important for the future of the CIC and its members. I worry about many good people leaving when we don’t stop being torn between different streams of ideas. Not only would we loose good people but we also would loose agility. I would be happy to see ongoing engagement of all CIC members working for the same idea, but that will only be possible when we work together.
I would also like to take this opportunity to ask you all for your input, recommendations and topics you would like to see addressed. I am looking forward to receive many emails from you. I promise that the board of directors will look at every single one and you will definitely get an answer from me.
Wishing you, your families and your friends a very merry Christmas and a good start into the year 2015
Sincere greetings from Munich,
Jürgen Pilger
President of the CIC