Sliding position

Published the: 02.09.2011 // Author: Stefan Hofmann (Stefan Google+)

Again and again you can see people on canyoning trips sliding with crossed arms. This article shall show why you should avoid this technic.

Since ever sliding belongs to the most spectacular elements of a canyoning trip. At least as long as that canyoneers are practicing sliding with crossed arms. Probably nobody really thought about it or accidents based on that position never reached the "canyoning population".


When crossing the arms boths ellbows are often outside the bodyshape. When touching the wall the very sensitive ellbow area (bone) can get hurt. In addition to that there is a huge risk of shoulder dislocation because the shock can not be absorbed by the shoulder.


Strech your arms and keep them inside the body shape (picture available in the member area, source: Canyoning, Stefan Hofmann/Robert Moosmann). Sliding in this position can only harm the trizeps (muscel) in form of a hematoma. The arm will streak the wall what reduces significantly the risk of a shoulder dislocation.

This position is the one taught and recommended since many years by the CIC instructor team and should be applied by all members.