Security advice - figure of eight knot

Published the: 17.11.2010 // Author: Stefan Hofmann (Stefan Google+)

A special way to tie the figure of eight knot when used as a junction knot - a the danger it brings.

We received a security advice from Switzerland (thanks to Raphael). The reasons of a fatal accident was the figure of eight knot used as a junction knot but tied in a very special way. Because of this special way the knot holds sometimes not more than 20kg !

Even if this knot is not taught in the CIC (we still use the double fisherman or triple T-fisherman) there is still the risk that someone "discovered" this knot and uses it.

The figure of eight knot may not be used in this way !

Original article » (jpg format, published in "Die Alpen", available in German only but let the pictures speak)