Rope marking with Edding 3000

Published the: 08.12.2010 // Author: Stefan Hofmann (Stefan Google+)

Rope markings are giving important information about a rope. The length and the middle of the rope can be shown fast and clear. But some have doubts to use a marker for that. What does the DAV-Sicherheitsforschung say about marking ropes with markers ?

The DAV-safety research team (DAV Sicherheitsforschung) already announced 2008 that marking the middle of a rope with the "Edding 3000" is without hesitation. They asked the company Edding to be informed if they change the ink.

In the middle of 2010 the ink was modified but according to Edding there is no impact on polyamid ropes.

We disadvise the use of special rope marker - like the one from Beal - because this one has too low viscosity and reaches the core of the rope. We agree with the decission of the DAV-safety research team and recommend the Edding 3000 as well.