Protection from otitis media acuta

Published the: 22.09.2010 // Author: Stefan Hofmann (Stefan Google+)

Guiding in canyons increases the risk to catch an inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media acuta). The article covers what a CIC guide can do to avoid this inflammation for having a pain-free season.

We hear more and more often from guides who suffer from inflamation of the middle ear (otitis media acuta) which has a severe impact to ones season. Strong pain in the ear, exhaustion, fever and the requirement of antibiotica and anti-inflammatory painkillers are part of the unpleasant consequences.

How to avoid an Otitis media ?

At the last two update trainings, Sascha presented this problem and a solution: Doc's ProPlugs

The advantages of this solution:
  • soft and comfortable
  • does not irritate the ear canal or disrupt earwax production
  • quick to set up
  • floatable
  • cheap
  • available in different sizes
  • hearing loss of 2dB only

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