New board of directors 2014

Published the: 24.10.2014 // Author: Stefan Hofmann (Stefan Google+)

The CIC has a new board of directors since 18.10.2014.

After leading the developement of the CEC/CIC for the last 19 years as a member of the board of directors, Stefan Hofmann left the position as president of the CIC last Saturday during the annual meeting in Bregenz (AT). Jürgen Pilger got elected as new president of the CIC. Thomas Waibel was reelected as vice-president and Michael Jordan as treasurer.


A few words from Jürgen after his election :

Dear colleagues of the CIC, I want to thank you for the trust you have placed in my person for election as President on 18.10.2014. Thanks also for the previous congratulations. Thanks also to Thomas and Michael for the further acquisition of the offices of Vice President and Treasurer.

I look forward to a good, no, very good cooperation on the board of CIC. The important thing is mutual trust and close contact with the CIC members. What I associate with the Office of the President and the goals and projects close to my heart I will soon communicate in more detail - I promise!

I would like to thank also to Stefan Hofmann for his longstanding commitment as President of the CIC and I am pleased to continue a also very good cooperation on training. This section applies to me as very important and indispensable in the CIC.

Keep in touch ... Greetings from Munich!