Member support

Published the: 08.12.2010 // Author: Stefan Hofmann (Stefan Google+)

A new support system shall enhance significantly the communication of the association. We have chosen an online plattform to send requests, handle, transfer and answer them. A future safe and professional solution.

CIC Mitglieder-Support-System / member support systemWe were always working on making the communication with our members better. Until now you could contact your contact person directly  - and waiting for his answer because there was no guarante that things could be done immediately. To complete tasks took sometimes longer and nobody else could see where things got stuck.

The following actions should improve this situation:
  • Open times of the presidency are every wednesday from 10h30 to 16h (from January 2011 on). The president is available in this period and handles all important tasks of the association. If you send in a request on thursday we will work on it from the following wednesday on.
    Urgent cases are handled earlier and faster.
  • A support ticket system is installed now to handle requests much easier.

    Please contact the CIC by the following system only:

    Just click on the button "Open New Ticket" and fill out the following form.

    All tickets are organised in this new system and an administrator can see what tickets got stuck over a longer period. Tickets can easily be assigned to other collegues in case of circumvention.
    Besides that requests do not "get lost" in private or commercial emails while waiting for next wednesday.

    Because of our international orientation the support platform is available in English only. But your requests are answered - if possible - in German, English or French.