Backup your files - but how ?

Published the: 22.09.2010 // Author: Stefan Hofmann (Stefan Google+)

Most save their important files on a computer - but mostly on only one - and they never create backups of these files. The ones who ran already in a file damage or even computer damage problem know what that means. This article gives tips how to backup your files.

You all have for sure important files on your computer but as most users you never back them up. The ones who ran already in a file damage or even computer damage problem know what I am talking about.

You should always back your files up !

But how to do that ?

I just picked an article in a newsletter of where they explain the advantages of a backup solution based on dropbox (I use it intensely). So let's see what they have to tell:

Back up, back up, back up - even the most computer illiterate these days know that you need to back up your information, or face a catastrophe when it goes wrong. Until recently, achieving proper backups took quite a bit of knowledge and setting up, and in some cases great expense.

For a small business, the best situation is to be able to do your work while it's taken care of, knowing that backups are being done if you need them, while you focus on building your empire. Enter DropBox, a brilliant online service that lets you store files in a folder on your computer (or any number of subfolders inside it) and they'll automatically be copied up to the server without you doing anything. You just keep all your documents under the DropBox folder and backups happen automatically. Not only that, but your files are versioned; every time you make a change to the file that version is uploaded and kept, so you can even roll back to previous versions if necessary.

DropBox has additional powerful features, like the ability to share any folder within your DropBox folder. You simply enter the email address of the colleague you want to share with; once they have DropBox installed, the shared folder and files will automatically be copied to their own computer. What's more, every time you make changes to files in that folder, they'll be copied to the server and your colleague's computer, and vice-versa.

All of this is free, up to a storage limit of two gigabytes. From thereon there's a cost involved, but 2GB is enough to start with backing up your important documents, and the cost of increasing your storage is very low.

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